ErgoGenesis Compact Back J3407

BodybiltSKU: J3407 - Black Chamea- Grade 1

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Compact Back J3407 by ErgoGenesis

This ergonomic executive desk chair is made for the busy manager that desires a balance between ease and usefulness. The J3407 is a petite high back executive chair that offers a moderately curved seat and comfortable high back along with a compatible seat pan which promotes ideal ergonomic posture.

 ***Bodybilt chairs are manufactured and assembled once the order is placed. Their high-quality parts take 4-5 weeks to manufacture and assemble with precision. 

Go with this ergonomic if you wish to enhance day-to-day production.



  • Designed for the user with a more compact body-frame
  • Compact back is 3″ narrower and 2″ shorter than 3500 series
  • Moderately contoured #7 seat accommodates the largest percentile of workers
  • Soft Optima Arms adjust in height, angle, and width

All BodyBilt Petite Executive chairs provide exceptional comfort with upper and low back support. 10-Point Posture Control adjustability puts at your command the tools to address and alleviate stressful aches and pains so often escalated by inferior chairs. The moderately contoured seat on this model is our most popular design. The soft, contoured neckroll adds head and neck support in the more reclined posture. With passive weight distribution via surface contact, this model encourages proper-seated posture and cushions the high-pressure points that lead to discomfort on flat seat designs. For special needs, an array of optional features is offered to address almost every seated task in the office. The J style mechanism rocks from a center-pivot point under the seat, and allows for the backrest depth adjustment feature (not found on the K-style mechanism).
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