Humanscale CPU Dolly

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Color: Black
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This clever design automatically adjusts to CPUs of different sizes. And the optional Pull Handle makes it easy to move the CPU from one location to another. Our CPU Dolly is the perfect choice for a stand-alone CPU holder.

Automatically adjusts to support CPUs up to 9" wide

Adjustable base handle accommodates CPUs of any depth

Rolls easily on four 2" double-wheel casters to facilitate access to cables, ports and drives
Optional Pull Handle (shown below) simplifies transportation of CPU from one location to another for servicing
Dimensions: 8.5" x 15", Arm Height: 6.25"
Adds 3.75" to height of installed CPU
Made of powder-coated steel for strength and durability

Color: Black

Lifetime Warranty

Product Codes:
CPUDLY Fits CPUs 5" to 9" wide
CPUDLYPLT With Platform for CPUs 1.5" to 9" wide
CPUPLATFORM Retrofit Platform for CPU Dolly
CPUDLYH Telescoping Pull Handle

1.    What is the CPU Secure?  
   The CPU Secure combines all of the features of the CPU555, with added protection against theft of the CPU and its components.

2.     What is the range of motion of the CPU555, CPU Secure, CPU450 and CPU300?  
   The CPU555, CPU Secure, CPU450 and CPU300 are all designed to rotate 360 degrees for complete access to cables and ports. They also slide in and out on a 16” track.  
3.     What are the weight limitations for Humanscale's CPU Holders?  
   The CPU555 and CPU Secure will readily support CPUs weighing up to 70 lbs, and the CPU450 and CPU300 will support CPUs weighing up to 40lbs.

4.     What size CPUs can be accommodated by Humanscale’s CPU holders?  
   The CPU holders easily adjust to fit a range of CPU sizes:
- CPU555 and CPU Secure: fit CPUs 3" to 9.5" wide by 12" to 22" tall
- CPU450: fits CPUs 4" to 8" by 11.5" to 20"
- CPU300: fits CPUs 3.25" to 9" wide by 10.5" to 18" tall
- CPU Dolly: automatically adjusts to support CPUs up to 9” wide


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