Boss Privacy Panel, Plexiglass

Size: 22" Width
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Keep privacy in an open office area.
Since employees are the greatest assets of a company; workplaces are gravitating towards optimizing their workspace to ensure productivity and well-being go hand-in-hand. Work desks form an integral part of an employee’s day today, with many not moving much from this spot throughout their day.

With the rising popularity of open-plan offices and staff seated closely together for collaboration, desk dividers have emerged as a great solution for employers who want to keep safety measures at the heart of their organizational goals. However, apart from safety, they help in employee privacy, work area personalization, and desk space optimization, and are excellent aesthetic enhancers.

Primary Material: Plexiglass
Material: Plexiglass
Color: Silver

Product Width: 22″, 28", 34", 45", 58, 64" or 70"
Product Depth: 0.2″
Product Height: 15.6″


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