USED Steelcase Gesture Elmosoft Tan/Gray Leather


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San Diego Office Furniture Outlets have 200+ used chairs on the floor every day! Get to work faster with these pre-configured versions of Gesture. These chairs are USED as new with minimal marks of use. 

The Steelcase Gesture adapts to everyone because of its technology. Everybody’s different, and everybody sits differently, especially as they interact with technologies throughout the day. 

Designed for all the ways technology shapes your posture, Gesture supports the largest range of postures and users – so you can sit all day without feeling like you sat all day.

Voted best office chair by Wirecutter, 2022; Gesture offers best-in-class features and performance.

  • Designed with 3D LiveBack, the contoured backrest aligns perfectly with your spine’s natural S-shape, providing continuous lower back support whether you’re sitting up for a meeting or reclining back and typing a text.
  • A flexible seat edge in the front relieves pressure points under your thighs while the soft edge around the perimeter supports different sitting styles.
  • Fully adjustable 360° arms, mimic the human arm for comfortable support as you work across multiple devices. As you move, the armrests remain parallel to the work surface as you move, so you can stay comfortable and connected at every angle of recline.
  • The gesture is ideal for users who prefer a dialed-in, precise fit. All adjustments are located on the right-hand side within an arm’s reach—easy to find and use.

If you’re looking for ultimate, long-lasting comfort and support, especially as you interact with today’s technologies, Gesture is the chair for you.


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