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Our 646 value program offers the same Echo recycled modular office furniture at a discount from our already great prices. The 646 pricing is as much as 40% less than our standard Echo pricing for certain items and designing your entire office furniture project using the 646 value program typically results in savings of about 30%.

The 646 value program is limited to certain sizes, but there are plenty of options available to fit the needs of most companies. The program is available in six fabrics, four trim colors and six laminates; hence the 646 name. For more information on the 646 Value Program, a brochure is available in the literature section of the web site.

Our goal at RSI is to provide our customers with a high quality, environmentally friendly product and great service, and to do it at a price that makes it the best value in the office furniture industry.

We start by saving used office furniture from going to the landfill. We save over 1,000 tons of old office furniture from going to landfills every year by shipping it to our manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona where we use it as recycled content in making our Echo Systems recycled modular office furniture. This is enough old office furniture to fill 200 semi truck trailers and would consume a landfill space the size of several football fields.

What exactly is recycled modular office furniture?

There are many names in the office furniture industry for modular office furniture. The industry uses terms such as systems furniture, cubicles, workstations, modular furniture, panel systems and many more. Modular office furniture is essentially panels, work surfaces, file units and overhead binder storage units combined in thousands of different configurations to make the ideal work area for your employees in either open floor or private office applications.

There are also many names in the office furniture industry for recycling or the process of taking used office furniture and trying to make it look better so that it can be re-sold. The industry uses terms such as refurbished, remanufactured, reconditioned, and recycled to describe the process. There are also different degrees to which the used office furniture is refurbished, remanufactured, reconditioned or recycled. Some companies just clean the product while others clean and re-use the metal trim pieces as they are and put new fabric on the fabricated parts of the system. Some additional companies do an even better job, they re-paint the metal trim pieces and put new fabric on the fabricated parts, but still only use the used parts whether they are somewhat damaged or not. Finally, there are the few companies such as RSI that actually fully manufacture the product using recycled content. What does that mean? It means that we paint, fabricate and laminate every part of the system and we don’t use any damaged parts. While we try to use as much recycled content in our product as possible, parts that are dented or damaged in any way are rejected and replaced with new ones. As a result, our Echo Systems is the best of both worlds, it looks as good as new and a high percentage of it is made out of recycled content.

You can call it, refurbished systems furniture, remanufactured cubicles, reconditioned workstations or what we like to call it, recycled modular office furniture. Whatever you call it, Echo Systems by RSI is a great looking, environmentally friendly product at a great price, and we think it is the best value in the office furniture industry.


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