Bench Depot Washington Fabric Office Desk Height Chairs 3 Lever Nylon Black - WNS-F-TLC


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Bench Depot Washington Fabric Office Desk Height Chairs 3 Lever Nylon Black - WNS-F-TLC

BenchPro™ seating is made to the highest level of quality, meeting and exceeding all national and international standards for safety and integrity. We guarantee the chairs will perform properly for ten-years with people as heavy as 450#, however, no chair with rolling casters is safe for some people over 300 pounds, due to the way they have to support their weight by holding onto something when sitting or rising. We recommend people over 300 pounds use a straight leg steel chair or bench that meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.
We also offer European design braking casters and immobile glides, which will reduce the occurrence of chairs scooting away when being loaded.

Product Features

Height 1 Lever:

•Nylon Base: 17" to 22".
•Aluminum Base:17" to 22".

Height 3 Lever:

•Nylon Base: 19" to 24".
•Aluminum Base: 18" to 23".

Seat: 21.5" Wide, 19" Deep. Waterfall Front. Fully Ergonomic.
Back: 15.5" High. Comfortable Lumbar Support.

Foam Construction: 2.5” Thick Quadruple Density urethane foam. The top layer is Memory Foam for exceptional comfort, under that is soft foam maximize comfort for lighter weight people, then Medium Density followed by extra firm foam for the heavier people.

Base: 5 Leg.

Fabrics: Marquesa Lana Polyolefin Fabrics.
Fabric Durability: Estimated 25 years use.
Weight Capacity: 450#.
Seat Pan: Seven Ply Individually Formed Hardwood Plywood.
Structural Standards: Meets All Requirements of ANSI/BIFMA, DIN, GSA and ESDA.
Fire Standard: Meets California Fire Standard 117.
Cleaning: Mild Soap and Water.


- Frames are warranted to stay as strong as when they were new for 10 years.

- Upholstery, including the foam, fabric and molded wood understructure must remain attractive and in proper working condition for five years. (The exception shall be damage due to customer impacts, burns, stains, cuts, etc.)

- Our bumper-grade chrome will not delaminate, fade, rust or become unattractive for 10 - years.

- Static Control (ESD) properties of our seating must remain within the nationally accepted standards of ANSI/ESDA S20.20, GSA and The ESD Association established and in place at the time of sale, for 10 - years.


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