Bench Depot Urethane Office Desk Height Chairs 1 Lever Aluminum Black - LAS-U

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Color: Black
Option: Urethane
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Bench Depot Urethane Office Desk Height Chairs 1 Lever Aluminum Black - LAS-U

BenchPro™ is quickly becoming a leader in industrial seating. It is our policy to sell new products at a substantially lower markup until they gain a large enough market share to make a reasonable profit. This style of self skinning urethane cushion chair has been around for years but still sells for about $260. The prices shown below will become our permanent prices if we can sell at least one thousand of these per month.

These chairs are made the same way modern soft car dashboards are made. They wear very well, are puncture and tear resistant, take no maintenance, and rarely need cleaning. They support excellent posture as they are firmer than upholstered chairs. We do the sub-assembly for you. Just push the parts together and sit down. Select either dual wheel casters, or glides for reduced mobility.

Product Features

Height: Nylon Base: 16" to 21". Aluminum Base: 15" to 20"
Back: 12" H x 16" W
Seat: 18" D x 18.5" W.
Base: 5 Leg.
Weight Capacity: 450#.
Cleanroom Class 1000..


- Frames are warranted to stay as strong as when they were new for 10 years.

- Upholstery, including the foam, fabric and molded wood understructure must remain attractive and in proper working condition for five years. (The exception shall be damage due to customer impacts, burns, stains, cuts, etc.)

- Our bumper-grade chrome will not delaminate, fade, rust or become unattractive for 10 - years.

- Static Control (ESD) properties of our seating must remain within the nationally accepted standards of ANSI/ESDA S20.20, GSA and The ESD Association established and in place at the time of sale, for 10 - years.


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